Policy Vision

Tourism in Bhutan today is a vibrant business guided by the bedrock policy of high-Value, low-impact tourism. Tourism in Bhutan is founded on the principle of sustainability, meaning that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically Friendly, socially and culturally acceptable, and economically viable. Bhutan does not limit tourist arrivals; in fact, tourism is now the government’s top priority.

Visa & SDF Procedures

With the new Tourism Policy 2022, the following has changed with effect from 20th June 2022

All visitors will need a visa to visit Bhutan, except for visitors from India, who will require a permit.

A tourist shall be required to submit the following documents. Tourist can apply the Visa or Permit through Registered Tour Operator

Copy of passport. The passport must be valid for six months from the intended date of departure from the Kingdom; Travel insurance and A recent passport size photograph. Travel’s insurance can also be done from Bhutan Insurance company through our office.

  • With effect from 20 June 2022 SDF is raised to $200 Per night Per person. The Sustainable development Fee per night per person goes to RGOB.
  • For Indian Nationality Rs. 1200 SDF Per night per person
  • Separate tour rate will be charged for the Bhutan Tour package & Ground Service.
  • All tourists must pay in advance, including SDF & Tour rate.

*Royalty is the welfare levy, which goes to the national exchequer for social service of the RGOB

Our Services


  • Minimum of 3-star Accommodations standard is provided (4/5-star accommodations may require a premium additional supplementary)
  • All Tourist needs to stay in standard hotel that are categorized by the Department of Tourism
  • We have Ranges of Top brand hotels, Guest houses, lodges and home stay
  • Most of the restaurant provided good choice of traditional and Mixed continental menu.


We provide some of the latest luxury SUV’s like Toyota Prado, Japanese Toyota Coaster bus and haice bus. The drivers are well-trained and certified.


We provide top experienced tour guides certified by the Department of Tourism, skilled in English, French, German, Chinese and Spanish Languages.

Trekking & Camping

We provide meals, tents, sleeping bags, guide and support staff, pack mules/yaks ranging of all grades of trekking in Bhutan.

Tour Payment Cancellation Policy

With effect from September 2022

  1. Services Included Summary On Daily Package Covers
    1. A minimum of 3-star accommodation (4 & 5 stars may require a premium additional supplementary payment).
    2. Meals full board + Tea and snacks
    3. A licensed Bhutanese tour guide for the entire stay in Bhutan.
    4. All internal road transport & Sightseeing, monument fees 
    5. Additional activities can be arranged upon request with extra charges
  2. Tour Cost
    1. The Sustainable Development Fee costs $100 per night per person goes to RGOB.
    2. A separate tour rate will be charged over and above SDF for the Bhutan Tour package & Ground Service.
    3. All tourists must pay in advance including SDF & Tour rates.
      Insurance: There is no personal insurance of any kind included in the tour price, so travel insurance should be obtained from your place of residence, before the commencement of the trip. Mercury Bhutan Tours and Travel will not hold liability for any illness, injury, or death sustained during a tour/trek
  3. Terms
    1. The company guarantees the above-included services on confirmation of the tour
    2. Mercury Bhutan Travels makes the safety of its clients its highest priority closely monitor the tour and may modify the tour based on necessities.
    3. Complete Bhutan travel information will be provided on “Pre-departure during the booking process.
  4. Tour Payment Cancellation Policy
      • Cancellation Charges. Tour programmers booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:
      • Cancellation within 45 days of the start date of the tour = 50 % of Tour payment (50% Refund)
  5. Delay of Flights
    1. The local operator shall not be liable to refund your payment for flight delays for any reason which is beyond their control.
  6. Payment Procedure
    1. All tour payments must be made at least 2 months in advance. Your payments can be deposited through the Bhutan National Bank (BNB) official accounts abroad payable in favor of Mercury Bhutan Travel. The banks address and account number will be advised once the tour bookings are fully confirmed.
  7. Air ticket Cancellations Policy: Druk Airlines and Bhutan Airlines
    1. Cancellation Charges. Booked tickets subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:
      • Cancellation within 1 month: 80% (20% Refund)
      • Cancellation in less than 30 days: 100 % no refund (however it can be valid for future travel)


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